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Oak Wheel Banjo Barometer
19th century oak wheel banjo barometer by Megretti and Zambra of London, the worlds most famous instrument makers.

c. 1850

Width 10" / 26cm
Depth 2.25" / 6cm
Height 40" / 102cm
Ref: 408
Price: £695

Mahogany and Boxwood Stick Barometer
An early 19th century mahogany and boxwood line inlaid stick barometer by Spears and Co., Dublin. Fully restored. Scale 27-31

c. 1810

Width 4.25" / 11cm
Depth 3.25" / 8cm
Height 38" / 97cm
Ref: 341
This item has been sold

Mercury Wheel Barometer

A fine and rare well grained rosewood cased mercury wheel barometer featuring scroll design top by "Josh Somalvico, London 1842"
10" silvered brass face supported by replacement brass bezil. Also featuring thermometer. Fully restored to perfect working order.
Ref: 67
This item has been sold

George III Mahogany Stick Barometer
A fine George III mahogany and inlaid stick barometer with architectural pediment by Cornhill of Banbury. With silvered scale and thermometer.
c. 1820

Width 5.5" / 14cm
Depth 2.75" / 7cm
Height 39" / 100cm

Ref: 206
This item has been sold

Early 19th century Banjo Barometer
A superb early 19th century banjo barometer by L. Baker of High Holburn, London, with 10" diameter silver register plate and three other plates, in mahogany and strung case. Fully restored, repolished and hand waxed to original finish.

Width 12.5" / 32cm
Depth 2.25" / 6cm
Height 41.75" / 106cm
Ref: 220
This item has been sold

Banjo Barometer

A good early 19th century wheel barometer by Clark and Aimes of Norwich with mahogany case and stringing, supporting convex mirror and four silvered
register plates. All supported on a swan neck pediment. Fully restored.

Width 13.25" / 31cm
Depth 2.5" / 6cm
Height 44.5" / 113cm
Ref: 75
This item has been sold

Victorian Banjo Barometer/Thermometer
An early Victorian banjo barometer/thermometer by Dolby and Cates of Liverpool. Two silvered register plates on a moulted back plate. All set in a figured walnut case. Fully restored.

Width 11" / 28cm
Depth 2" / 5cm
Height 41" / 104cm
Ref: 283
This item has been sold

George IV Mahogany Banjo Barometer
A good George IV, 19th century, mahogany banjo barometer with swan's neck pediment by A Rivolta Holbern 1822-1845. With silvered dial and thermometer.
c. 1840

Width 10.25'" / 26cm
Depth 2" / 5cm
Height 40" / 102cm
Ref: 305
This item has been sold

Victorian Oak Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer
A Victorian oak aneroid barometer and thermometer in a carved case depicting an anchor and rope. Width 10.5"
Depth 2.75"
Height 22"
Ref: 402
This item has been sold

Edwardian Banjo Aneroid Oak Barometer
A good Edwardian banjo ameroid barometer in oak case with ceramic dial and thermometer.

width 10.5" / 27cm
Depth 2.5" / 6cm
Height 33" / 84cm
Ref: 199
This item has been sold

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